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In the days, before CLASP was founded, there was a common saying in the human services field. You should add 20 years to the chronological age of a person with an intellectual disability to get an accurate medical age.

Unfortunately, because the quality of health care many individuals received was less than perfect, this was often true.

When our first, “Taste of Westport” gala took place in 2004 Dolores was already over 60 and had been living with CLASP for over 2 years.

In the intervening years between that first event and today, Dolores has had three strokes, seven hospitalizations, has COPD, pulmonary issues and has a pacemaker, yet today she is still going strong. She’s knitting again, dancing at our socials, producing beautiful artwork and always makes the rounds to say hello to EVERYONE in our administrative offices.


 Only with the help of generous supporters like you can we keep on helping Dolores, and the more than 85 other people we serve live rich, fulfilling and healthy lives.


Support the residents of CLASP by purchasing a balloon today. 

Together we have nowhere to go but upwards!


Purchase a Balloon!

Please purchase our balloons in support of CLASP’s “Commitment for Life” to the 85 men and woman with autism & developmental disabilities that we serve every hour of every day.

Each balloon that is purchased will be prominently displayed at the 2019 Taste of Westport event on May 9th.  The donor’s name will be printed on each balloon and in our program.

$50.00 for a “Up, Up and Away” Black Balloon

$100.00 for a “Sky High” Red Balloon

$150.00 for an “Celebration” Silver Mylar Balloon

$300.00 for a Mixed Bunch of “Jubilation” Balloons (5)            




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